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  • Strawberry Cheesecake Gourmet Cotton Candy by the tub - Gaines Jewelers
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Strawberry Cheesecake Gourmet Cotton Candy by the tub

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12 flavors of delicious, delicate puffs, each has a different topping. 32oz round tubs. Hand spun cotton candy topped with edible toppings. We hand spin our gourmet cotton candy and make our own flavored sugars from scratch. Flavors & Toppings: Lemon Drop- small edible flowers Strawberries & Champagne- dried strawberries French Vanilla- tiny edible butterflies or flowers on top Peach Bellini- small edible flowers on top Blue Raspberry- confetti sprinkles or edible flowers Strawberry Cheesecake- freeze dried strawberries Key Lime Margarita- dried limes Warm Cinnamon Bun -cinnamon roll flavor topping Cherry Bomb- flowers or butterflies Fall Maple - topped with edible fall leaves Cookie Dough- chocolate sprinkles topping Carrot Cake- tiny carrot candies topping 3 to 6 month shelf life if unopened & kept in cool, dry place.