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  • Hot Girls Pearls-Freezable Cooling Jewelry - Sweet Pea Chicklet Cooling Necklace - Gaines Jewelers
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Hot Girls Pearls-Freezable Cooling Jewelry

20" Sweet Pea Chicklet Cooling Necklace-Hot Girls Pearls-Freezable Cooling Jewelry -

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The Cooling Necklace Every Woman Will Love With an elevated level of style, our newest Chicklet Cooling Necklace provides instant cooling relief the moment it touches your skin. Our new design enables you to feel the icy cool chicklets directly on the pulse points around your neck. The sweet pea chicklets have the look of real stone, but each lightweight patented “chicklet” is filled with our non-toxic cooling gel. Simply freeze the necklace in the Free freezable travel pouch for at least 4 hours or overnight and enjoy up to 30 minutes of cooling relief depending on your environment. When you’re hot or overheated, your neck is one of the most effective parts of the body to cool. Perfect for hot flashes, on the golf course, certain medical conditions, and general cooling. Sizes Necklaces come in two sizes 18" and 20" and have a magnetic clasp for easy use.