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Bracelet- Antique Garnet and Pearl Bangle

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During the early, to mid-Victorian years jewelry was worn to showcase and emphasize one’s wealth. Diamonds, of course, conveyed the image of wealth, but diamond jewelry was reserved for evening wear. So how does one convey the desired image in the daytime?? With bracelets like this bangle !!!! 

The richness of rubies complemented the fashionable colors of the day and pearls were always acceptable! And let’s talk about those pearls- they are natural! They have to be because cultured pearls hadn’t been developed yet!!! These are either seed pearls, which just mean very tiny, or they are half pearls. Regardless, the combination is so very pretty. The beaded edges were a quite popular treatment. It was used to mimic embroidered fabric!

So, a bustled and coifed lady preparing and dressing for her day of meetings and tea would have worn this bangle with flair and confidence knowing she was presenting correctly and tastefully!